About us

About us

Inovatus is made up of a team of extremely talented individuals who are engaged in trade and business services and research with a mission to improve the businesses of our clients and improve their position on foreign markets. We have a deep understanding of Chinese, Asian and Western business culture that allows you to get what you need, when you need it.

Our vast experience in all key industries helps us to create a situation in which problems can be identified and prevented before they occur. Generating innovative solutions and thinking outside of the box with a deep understanding of the the way in which economic, political, regulatory and cultural changes in the foreign environment occur drive our clients business.

Our services include: product development, generating new distribution channels, finding potential partners, product and services sourcing, organized visits to fairs and factories, quality control, logistics and transportation, expanding business operations in China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, market research, knowledge management, and complete marketing solutions, data collection and analysis and business training in the Asian market

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Finding potential business partners


We have ensured the presence of our customers in the markets of Central Asia through constant growth, while by relocating to Hong Kong, the business center of the world, we have been able to provide the best business contacts for our customers enabling us to find new potential partners. We are aware that on the market there are two customers with identical needs and that it is hard to match the Asian and European markets, but by working continuously to develop our tools will allow us to adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

Product development


By combining the services we provide along with exceptional and thorough knowledge of the markets in China and Central Asia we are able to understand, predict and evaluate the issues and effectively address each one. We help customers in setting up the product development process and services. Our findings are based on years of practical experience with the business market challenges that you are facing. Our solutions will help speed up bringing the product itself to the market and increase customer acceptance, thus keeping our business more competitive and efficient.

Import and export


We help companies expand and create new import and export opportunities. We offer business solutions for importers, exporters and to investigate their companies they should provide products or establish a stronghold on the global market. For a long time we have provided assistance to companies in the Asian market. We act responsibly and with integrity. We are able to provide excellent quality for all services linked to import and export that we are able to provide.

Educaion consulting


For entrepreneurs beginners, students and scholars who would like to try counseling, for those skilled who want a new look at old challenges, and those who want to improve their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, we organize many interesting educational programs. Innovation, export, strategies, projects, sales, pricing are just some of the topics. Our trained and versatile team helps you on your path to success. China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other Asian countries are at your fingertips.

Strategy formation


We aim to carefully envision the integration of operations and strategy. To our loyal customers we bring our best ideas and thoughts about our collective organization based on the powers that shape the future of business, culture and society. We also attend fairs and organize visits to factories in China. We educate our people about innovative solutions and thinking outside their comfort zone in order to understand how changes in the environment can affect our customers.

Quality control


We combine business skills with a strong emphasis on helping customers manage and develop effective solutions in order to solve business challenges and take advantage of new business opportunities so we can assist our customers in achieving their business objectives. We also focus on objectivity in dealing with our customers and third parties. Let us guide you and be your eyes and ears. We organize visits to factories throughout all phases of the process in order to convince ourselves of the superiority of the product.

Tactical solutions


How to find partners abroad? Who are potential buyers? Who are the suppliers? How to establish cooperation with companies that need our services? Can I use foreign technology for my own business? How to offer knowledge and discovery to companies abroad? Where to start exporting? How to choose target export markets? Where to check the legal requirements and standards in those markets? How to check the competitiveness of my own supply and demand in foreign markets? How to get ready organized for export? Inovatus offers you a high quality, cost effective and easy way to look for partners to market your products, services and expertise in the Middle Asian market.

Expanding your business in Asia


We guarantee speed and flexibility for business expansion. Our primary objective is to assist our clients in solving their problems. We dedicate ourselves in offering top quality and professional service for every project. Our customers can achieve faster performance through flexible, carefully thought out solutions by our experts through unique resources. Our services allow targeted, specialized knowledge and solutions to our customers in Central Asia.

Logistics and transport


We organize sea and air transportation within and for China, and offer logistic solutions. We focus on identifying and timely identifying all opportunities and risks that our customer is likely to encounte. We have excellent local experts and the necessary experience to competently access all our customers' needs. Combining our services that we provide with thorough and exceptional knowledge of the industry we find ourselves in a well-known position in which we are able to predict and evaluate any possible issues and effectively come to a solution on how to resolve them.

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Company history

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    Further growth

    With further expansion and growth we provide our clients with the presence in the markets of Central Asia, and with the relocation to Hong Kong, the business center of the world, we provide the best business contacts to our customers.

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    Starting business in Croatia under the name Inovatus Services

    With the Company’s registration in Zagreb we have strategically positioned ourselves at the center of Europe, which functions as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Our clients are presented with and offered full market solutions in China, Central Asia and the Middle East.

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    We are opening offices in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Wuhan, China.

    The company was founded under the name of Chin-Mochin in Wuhan, China, and has opened an office in Uzbekistan, where our first business activities resulted in the improvement of operation efficiency of our customers and in the effective expansion to foreign markets.

Sometimes the difference between he two cultures and markets can be huge, but we are here to make it much more simpler.


"Man's nature is always the same, people are separated only by habits.”


""I think that because of modern and technological development and our global economy, and as a result of a large increase in population, our world has changed greatly. It has became much smaller, however, our perception is not developing at the same pace, and we continue to maintain the old national demarcations and continue to harvest old feelings of 'us' and 'them'."


“Lost treasure can be found; lost time - never. "


Finding potential business partners

We organize visits and presentations at trade shows, and tours of the factories. We create networking opportunities with business people from around the world.

Opening distribution channels

We provide mediation in obtaining and providing representation, counseling regarding wholesale and retail sale, and finding adequate distributors.

Product sourcing

We organize visits to factories, we provide direct contact with producers, we find products that meet all quality standards and we also find new, cost-competitive and innovative products for the market.

Trade services

We find specific products and control their quality, and negotiate business terms with the Chinese. We organize logistics and transportation to the desired destination.

Business expansion in u China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

We are offering new openings and possibilities in the world market by finding business partners, and improving business efficiency by connecting with the best worldwide suppliers.

Complete marketing solutions

As part of the marketing solutions we explore foreign markets, collect and analyse data in order to create an appropriate strategy and to adequately perform business activities. We educate our customers on foreign markets, and create and manage digital marketing campaigns.

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